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Minimal & White mainly specialises in wood finishes but make use of various trendy modern materials which is still simplistic in form and function. Color, texture and form blend to create a comfortable sense of elegance, seamlessly balancing function and style.

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Our distinctive  minimal style  compliments and creates a soothing effect in any environment. Minimalist furniture design should be defined by a subtle understatement of form and supported by an emphasis on function and aesthetic appeal. The piece of furniture, although simple, should express a presence in the room that balances both eye-catching and harmonious elements

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Simplicity requires elegance and beauty, Minimalist design is meant to be calming and to bring the mind down to the basics. It is also sophistication, current, refreshing and clean lines. Minimalism takes form, color, and space and reduces them to such simplicity to attain their essential nature. Our designs are  functional and meets aesthetics with a unique sense on detail. 

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We are a Dubai based interior design studio specialised in designing custom  product and furniture, as well as curating a selected range of imported products and pieces.  An ongoing fascination with the design of furniture is at the core of what we do. The modern minimal sophistication of our work is the result of an unorthodox approach towards materials, an emphasis on technical precision and a return to traditional construction techniques and refined craftmanship.

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