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  • The main reason for the creation of Minimal & White was the fact that this unique style of furniture design was not available locally in Dubai. As the owner is an interior designer it was a natural progression to design furniture and  it is something she is extremely passionate about and love the intricate details of every piece created.

  • We’re a design-led business, and believe that good design has a profound impact on our lives, We’ve been designing and making furniture for the last 10 years and work exclusively with local materials and suppliers to improve sustainability.

  • Our collection of bespoke custom made furniture is locally handmade and produced in Dubai and all of the pieces are customisable for residential or commercial spaces.  Apart from our standard collection, we specialise in custom one-off pieces. We are furniture designers and can pretty much create and build anything you can dream up.

  • Striving to reduce our environmental footprint and make our products sustainable throughout the entire lifecycle by using quality local materials, reducing waste, and making furniture that truly lasts.

  • Our approach to production is simple. Combine the hand crafted elements that make every Minimal & White furniture piece special with up to date machine technology. The perfect piece is created.

  • Every item is specifically designed in detail and prototype pieces created until the final approved piece.

  • For one off custom design furniture pieces the client receives a 3D drawing for approval.

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